The LupineSpirits

We are free;
We are home;
We are lupines and we are One...

 A she-coyote whos black pelt and stealthy walk is highly noticeable.

Her pelt and gold fiery eyes glistening in the moon light. Climbing up

to a high rock in the direct direction of the nights light she raises her

head high and lets out a deep, long and graceful howl - summoning

many lupines of different kinds. One by one they come each filled with spirit; coming to

the high rock by which their kind leader stood.


When most of the loyal members were there, a friendly and bold

male wolf looked up respectfully at the leader and wagged his tail

lightly before dipping his head in respect.

"Greetings NightFang."

He said. His voice soft and warm.


"Greetings Damerai."

The leaders tone as soft and gentle as the canine

 below her. Her eyes going from the closest member to the others

scattered neatly about surrounding the leaders high rock.

 "And welcome once again to all of my members. My Brothers and


All of them howling together in response, joined with them was NightFang.

And this, is her Pack.


Ones with true spirits of lupines.

The LupineSpirits


wolfspiritpack.png picture by PureBlooded


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